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My job is to mind hack and embody the highest, best version of myself. 

So what does it take to hack your mind and body?  

What does it take to mentally step into that super power? 

How do you draw out the best version of you, that you already KNOW, that you are


Reality is malleable.

Your identity is not fixed.

No matter who you are, 

what you’ve done, and 

where you’ve been, 

you can always become the person you’ve wanted to be deep down.

… and it can start today… Right Now

You ready? Let\’s Goooooooooooooo

1. Are you visualizing WHO you want to embody?

All change first starts with your mental construct of yourself and your circumstances.

Regardless of what happened in the past — ten years ago or even yesterday, today is a new day and you can always revise yourself anew.

Do you use your imagination on a daily basis? Can you picture, with great clarity, the future you’re pulling towards yourself?

2. Believe in yourself and the process.

Who do you believe yourself to be?

What stories are you telling yourself?

Do you believe it’s possible to have what you want?

The secret to real change is changing your internal narrative and believing in a more empowering story for yourself. 

The narratives we tell ourselves literally create our reality. Observe your thoughts in order to change them.

3. Emotional Energy: can you FEEL the best version of you, that you desire to become?

Always, every time, we are looking for a feeling.

And the feeling is always available to us now. 

In fact, in order to fuel our success, we have to get that feeling, and begin Feeling it first.

Step into the imagined picture you have created for yourself.

Feel, in your body, what it will be like to achieved your desired result. 

Feel from the end result. The \’AS IF\’ 

Repeat as often as possible.

4. Are you taking action from that energetic state?

Now you’ve got that emotional frequency, are you taking action from it? Are you basicallyliving likeAS IF, that person?

At first, you may feel as if you’re just an actor playing a role, but the more you ‘show up’ to becoming that person via consistent micro actions, the more you gradually transform your identity.






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